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December 3, 2010 / Sophie_Paterson

Intellectual Property

Confused by Intellectual Property?  You’re not the only one. Intellectual Property or IP has tripped up many high profile individuals and businesses in the last year, including stationery store Paperchase, US television network NBC and Sanrio the Japanese producers of ‘Hello Kitty’.

IP protects your work

IP infringement can be very damaging, to both parties. Victims have their hard work stolen from them and used in way they have not agreed to and they lose out on any financial gains made from their work. Should they be discovered perpetrators can face Law-suits and out-of-court settlements which are expensive and damaging. And for large companies the damage done to public relations by justifiably irate victims can be immeasurable.

Fortunately help is available. The Intellectual Property Office is an official government body and has a comprehensive website which tells you everything you need to know about IP. Another very useful resource is a site by the London College of Communication, specifically designed for creative businesses. As well as general useful information Own-it pulls together news stories, training and events all relating to IP. So, with all these resources available there’s no reason not to protect your work.


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