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January 4, 2011 / Sophie_Paterson

Los Campesinos! Heat Rash.

I remember, ten years ago going into Woolworths (RIP), and buying my first ever cassette tape (RIP), Steps (RIP). A decade later and I’m contemplating the latest offering from Cardiff based indie troupe and one of my personal favourite bands Los Campesinos! It’s not a CD, or a vinyl, it’s not even an MP3. The product in question is Heat rash which the band describe as,

Los Campesinos! Art from their 'Sticking Fingers Into Sockets' EP

‘A quarterly ‘zine and music bundle, from our hands, to your front door, including exclusive writing, artwork, music and more besides, available only as a result of being a HEAT RASH member.  HEAT RASH is intended to allow us to act in the moment, to talk about what we want to, as a platform for other mediums of ‘art’, and to write and release songs in a more spontaneous way.  This will hopefully allow a less formal, more fluid, DIY vein of work to develop alongside, and outside, of our album releases.’

For just £25 a year (£6.25 an issue) Los Camps fans can get that extra experience, a physical item sent directly to them with exclusive content from the band. As  bands and record companies seek out innovative ways to approach their audiences many will risk devaluing their work by offering freebies, give aways and hyped up, but ultimately disappointing special features. Los Campesinos! have honed in on a business model which by creating a ‘pay-wall’ to exclusive quality content adds an implicit cult value to that work, which will add to the bands image and promote their more traditional outputs whilst strengthening their fanbase.


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